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How to Find and Hire the Right Painting Contractor

We all know how difficult it is to find time to paint our own home - time is valuable. This is the exact reason we started our painting business; After painting my own home, very often I was called out to friends, neighbours and family members to help them paint their home.  They were so happy with my work that they encouraged me to start my own painting company, and here I am, 15 years later. Through my years of experience, I often asked my customers what was important to them when looking for a painting contractor, and so I came up with the following steps on how to find and hire the right painting contractor.

Ask Around The best way to find a quality painting contractor is to get referrals from friends, neighbors, and acquaintances who have had good experiences with painting contractors in your area. You can also get referrals from your local paint store.

Get at Least 2 Estimates When you receive contractor’s painting estimates, they should fall approximately within the same price range. When the estimates vary substantially from each another, ask the painting contractor for details on what is or isn’t being done.  For example, did they include the cost of moving the furniture or are they expecting you to do it yourself?  

Get to Know the Contractor Ask the painting contractor for information by asking some of the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can I speak with your references?
  • Do you have the appropriate contractor insurance coverage?
  • Do you subcontract your work or perform it yourself?
  • What is your guarantee policy?
  • What products do you use?

Know Exactly What You Want Painted When the painting contractor visits your home/property to provide an estimate, walk them around and tell them exactly what you need done and what exactly needs to be painted.  It’s a good idea to discuss the options.  Be specific about which surfaces you want to have painted (ceilings, walls, trims, moldings, etc.) and the paint colors and finishes you want used.

Pay Attention to Behavior When you meet with each painting contractor, pay attention to the following signs and behaviors:

  • Is the painting contractor professional and courteous?
  • Does the painting contractor appear knowledgeable in his field of expertise?
  • Do they return your phone calls in a timely manner and are they on time for your appointment?
  • Is the contractor busy? (Good ones usually are.)
  • Does the painting contractor provide estimates?

Check References Be sure to get at least two references from past customers and speak to them directly about their experience. 

Review the Estimate and Contract Once you've firmed up on a contractor, review the written contract carefully. Ask lots of detailed questions about any concerns you may have. Below are some items you should verify:

  • What exactly is being painted (house, trim, walls, molding, etc.)
  • Paint colours for each area to be painted
  • Details on preparation and cleanup
  • How the contractor will protect plants, patios, furniture, or other items
  • What is the estimated project completion time
  • What payment methods do you accept and do you require a deposit?

Once you complete these steps, you’ll be ready to hire the right painting contractor—and enjoy your newly painted home

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