With many years in the Toronto home painting business, we can say that our craftsmanship and workmanship are unsurpassed in the Toronto area. We are painting perfectionists when it comes to home renovations and it shows in our work. Our reputation says it all. We bring our creativity and skill in the painting industry to every painting job we do regardless of size. And, whether you need a single room painted or a large commercial building, we guarantee you’ll be delighted with our work.

Interior Painting. Our specialty is painting the inside of your home. We will supply all drop cloths, professional tools, brushes, rollers, primers, and fillers that you need. Proper preparation is crucial to a successful and lasting paint job. We take great care in helping you choose the right colours and paint type for your home.

Preparation. All surfaces are sanded and areas of falling paint are scraped. Holes and other major flaws are patched and where cracks are severe, a layer of mesh Fibertape is applied to bind the crack along with  coats of plaster to smooth it over. All plaster repairs are then sanded and spot-primed. Gaps in corners and around all trim are caulked with paintable interior latex caulking and left to dry before painting. Our goal is to remove any tiny bumps and imperfections left from the previous paint job and also to give the wall a good surface for the paint to adhere to.

Painting. Once we have confirmed your paint colour selections from any quality paint brand you choose, we have your paints custom made to order by one of our top name brand suppliers to meet or exceed the specifications required. Then our paint crew skilfully applies a base primer coat, followed by 2 coats of your selected colours by brush and roller techniques as specified by the manufacturer. The result is a beautiful solid and consistent paint finish with colour retention and durability to keep your home looking vibrant for years to come.

Clean Up. Clean and Tidy is the way Just Painting works! Plastic sheeting is carefully removed and disposed of. Drop sheets are folded into themselves to trap all dust and debris to be removed. Masking tape is removed. Floors are swept and/or vacuumed and hardware is reinstalled. Furniture is put back in place as close to their original positions as possible depending on the status of drying paint at the time. All tools, materials and equipment are removed along with any remaining garbage if not conveniently timed with your regular pick up.

Inspection. Once our professional painters have carefully reviewed their work for possible imperfections, you're invited to walk through the job with the project manager to make sure you're completely satisfied. Any concerns will be addressed and corrected immediately on the spot or at your earliest convenience.

About Us

Just Painting is proud to be the most reputable home painting company and experienced painting solution provider for all your Toronto home and commercial painting needs. We've been in business for many years and we are willing to use our professional painting experience to help you design, and realize the vision for your business.

We don't subcontract anybody else to do our job so you are assured that when you hire someone from Just Painting we will be the ones handling the project.



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